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Modular Facilities for Business, Industry, and Job Site Communities

Ellis Modular is a Dallas/Ft. Worth based modular solutions provider specializing in modular buildings, modular and mobile offices, job site living facilities, efficiency suites and executive residence facilities. Ellis is a primary source for industry sectors such as oil and gas field drilling and exploration, general business and office facilities, medical, dental, veterinary, education, and municipal governments.

Our turn-key modular communities—often referred to as "man-camps" or "man-camp housing"—are designed for rapid deployment to meet the ever-changing demands of business and industry.These types of facilities range from modular housing and offices,

laundry facilities, cafeteria and recreational units to complete living quarters and community centers for on-site workforce personnel.

In addition to man camp facilities, we offer customized end-to-end solutions for business and industry in general including school administration offices and modular classrooms, church and municipal government offices, medical and dental facilities, contractor's job-site offices and other types of mobile and modular buildings. Our modular housing options range from self-contained, climate-controlled living facilities, larger hotel-style efficiency suites, executive/family residential units to bunkhouse style sleeping quarters for job-site personnel.

Industries and Markets Ellis Modular Serves

  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Education, Church and Business Training
  • Business Offices and Related Facility Needs
  • Modular Medical, Healthcare, Dental and Veterinary
  • State and Municipal Governments
  • Construction Industry and Special Use Needs
  • On-site Extended Stay Facilities
  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Multi-purpose and Custom Facilities
  • Agricultural Industry - Migrant Labor Facilities
Ellis Modular

Types of Facilities Ellis Modular Offers

Office Facilities Efficiency Suites Healthcare Facilities Multi-Purpose Units Personnel Living Facilities Education and Classroom Personnel Bunkhouses Restroom Facilities Vending Units Laundry Centers Recreation Units Cafeteria Facilities Convenience Store Executive Residences
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Ellis Modular offers a wide variety of modular facilities to meet the demands of today's business and industry. All of our facilities and on-site workforce communities are completely customizable to meet your specific needs.

  • Executive Residences
  • Living Facilities
  • Efficiency Suites
  • Workforce Bunkhouses
  • Business Offices, Seminar, and Training Facilities
  • Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Clinics
  • Multi-Purpose and Event Facilities
  • Education, Classroom, and Church Facilities
  • Restroom and Shower Facilities
Man Camp Units and On-Site Workforce Facilities
  • Bunkhouses
  • Vending Units
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Cafeteria Facilities
  • General/Convenience Store
  • Laundry Units
  • Multi-Purpose Units

Benefits of Modular Building Solutions

  • Consistency in quality of manufacturing
  • Speed of construction and deployment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Flexibility and customization of site and building design
  • Cost advantages over traditional construction methods
  • Less materials waste over traditional construction methods
  • Higher quality product due to controlled manufacturing environment
  • Safer construction in controlled environment
  • Custom designed to your business, project needs or job site requirements
  • Flexibility for re-use and relocation
  • Environmental advantages on site
  • Less business disruption during construction
Ellis Modular
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Superior Quality from Inception to Completion

Only premium materials and craftsmanship are utilized in Ellis Modular products. Our design-build-deploy℠ solution ensures constant attention to detail and that the manufacturing and installation process meets

our uncompromising standards. The end result: high quality, reliable, secure and comfortable work spaces and accommodations that maximize efficiency and meet your project budget.

End-to-End Service, Long After Installation

At every step in a project's life cycle, Ellis Modular serves as an active partner to promote consistent quality and project goals and objectives. Our centralized Dallas/Ft. Worth location gives our installation crews and management team quick and easy access to most all of our customer's project sites. Our logistical and construction experts will work closely with you and your project team to meet any ongoing needs or challenges, such as selecting optimal site locations, runoff,

drainage and sewer needs, meeting all local and state regulations and above all, staying within your project's budgetary scope. We continue to provide support after project completion to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work even providing staffing solutions for our larger, on-site, work force communities. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every phase of your project's life cycle.

Ellis Modular - Your End-to-End Modular Construction Partner

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