Environmentally Conscious

A Greener Alternative

Modular is the "Greener" Alternative

Many companies these days are looking for a "greener" way to do business by adopting less wasteful processes for many of their day-to-day business activities. Our modular construction techniques extend this concept to the building process by offering an alternative to traditional construction practices. These differences result in projects that reduce construction waste, shorten materials delivery time, and overall, provide less environmental impact than traditional site built construction processes. This is achieved in several ways.

Quality and Efficiency Management

Modular buildings and pre-fabricated construction techniques utilize controlled environments to greatly enhance the quality control process at every step of the building process. Materials management is easier and much more efficient since all the materials are under one roof and in the same location during the construction process. This greater efficiency reduces site trips, materials waste and spoilage.

Construction Waste

Our in-house fabrication process reuses and recycles materials that typically would be discarded and thrown out at a construction site. Also, building materials are protected from the elements at all times, reducing "materials spoilage" that can take place on-site. Closer management of our materials inventory is achieved reducing materials manufacturing and transport to a job site.

Materials Delivery and Transport

As noted, a greater control over our materials inventory reduces trips to and from job sites keeping vehicles off the roads and reducing carbon emissions long-term. The impact of reduced site trips and therefore reduced emissions, add up over time to have a positive impact on our roads and our environment.

Site Disturbance

Modular construction means reduced site traffic during the construction process over traditional methods. The installation site remains fairly free of construction equipment between site preparation and actual building installation. With fewer physical disruptions to the surrounding environment and a smaller equipment footprint we can substantially reduce the environmental impact to a job site.

Air Quality after Installation

Since the bulk of construction of a modular building is completed in-house, the potential for moisture contamination and retention by the raw materials is greatly reduced. With essentially "dry" materials used in construction and installed on your job site when delivered, the potential for out-gassing from trapped moisture is also reduced after your personnel move in.

So, by physically having less materials on-site, significantly less construction activity and traffic, improved quality and materials management, less site disturbance during site preparation and construction, we can lessen the impact on our environment. Ellis Modular is helping transform our industry to a more environmentally friendly one while delivering a higher quality product and giving you a "greener" solution you can feel good about.

A "Greener" Project

  • Fewer deliveries of materials to the job site
  • Better materials management reduces waste
  • In-house production recycles materials that are typically discarded
  • Weather-protected materials result in higher air quality when completed
  • Less physical site disturbance means less of an environmental impact