Floorplans for a Variety of Industries and Applications

Modular Office Facilities

Ellis Modular offers a wide range of unique and custom designed floorplans to meet the needs of a variety of industries. From temporary to permanent fixed modular, we have a solution to fit your specific need, location, budget and time frame whether it be general office, education, government, medical or the energy sector.

We also provide the component structures that satisfy the needs of a total on-site workforce communities. Our modular living units, suites and community support facilities are built to IBC Code building standards–the same code requirements and stanadards as site-built structures.

Each job site is unique and will require a different group of facilities to meet its specific set of requirements. The floor plans presented here are to give you an overview of these facilities and Ellis Modular's capabilities. We can customize any unit or fabricate custom configurations to your specific needs. In addition to custom units, each onsite, workforce community is different and will require customization and a "tailor made" solution to meet your project objectives.

Modular Buildings

Floor Plans to Meet a Variety of Business and Industry Applications

Modular Workforce Facilities

Below are floor plans designed for job sites and On-site Workforce Communities and are typically installed where larger work groups are housed for extended periods. Any of the above featured Modular Buildings can be used in conjunction with the On-Site Workforce Facilities modules below. Each Workforce Community or "man camp" is custom and is designed for particular workforce needs and job requirements.