Site Plan

Pictured below is a typical job-site living community, this one housing 114 plus support staff. Included are 17, 6-person bunk houses complete with bed and private bath facilities for each occupant. In addition, there are typically two staff facility units on site to house cafeteria and maintenance personnel. A general store, cafeteria, office, laundry and recreation facility make the community self-contained and virtually self-sufficient, giving your employees everything they need to live comfortably while working on-site.

Ellis designs and engineers each community to a specific job-site and geographic location. We strive to maximize use of available space to keep costs at a minimum for our customers. No site is too large or too small - even the smallest job sites deserve the utmost attention and detail to maximize cost savings. And since Ellis is and end-to-end provider – from the site design to the manufacturing to the deployment and finish out –  you can be assured your project will run as smoothly as possible.

Site Community

Click on the red squares below to view the facility detail included in this site.

Site Photos